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My new albums of this week:

Asferix 'Dekamerton'

New small reviews:

Centaur 'Perception' 1995 50
Heavy. Whoops! Did I insert a wrong disk? No, it marked Centaur... But it's a bored music sounds instead of more or less typical Heavy, with some Progressive touches and slow songs.

TNT 'Atlantis' 2008 80
Melodic pop Rock. It's a pop music that can be compared with Queen by the various music of the various genres. It's melodic soft Rock with very good sound and memorable songs.

Madison 'Diamond Mistress' 1984 80
Heavy. Against all expectations it's really very interesting Heavy with excellent Goran Edman's vocals. The band presents melodious significant Heavy with very good songs, guitar and vocal works.

King's X 'XV' 2008 50
Alternative/Grunge Hard Rock. The only good thing presented on this release is an absence of any The Beatles influences. In other respects it's stupid modern pop Rock.

Madison 'Best in Show' 1986 60
Hard&Heavy. Unfortunately, this album after the glorious debut work is common Hard&Heavy in the traditions of that time. The music became softer and trendy though there are some powerful songs there at the same time.

Domain 'Our Kingdom' 1988 50
Melodic Hard&Heavy/AOR. This early Domain work sounds very trendy, in the traditions of pop Rock. Though a sound of this album isn't so strong as it is on the last band's albums or has the exclusive tunes, nevertheless it's not bad work for that time.

Jezabel 'A Todo o Nada' 2002 50
Speed&Power. If you want to be familiar with Argentinean Power, Jezabel isn't that band for introduction. This band plays the music in the common and average traditions of Italian Melodic Speed&Power.

Elwing 'Immortal Stories' 2002 60
Melodic Speed&Power. It's a pompous Power in the traditions of hymn-like Manowar and fast European Speed&Power Metal bands. This work is good enough in a number of other similar bands' albums.

Domain 'Before the Storm' 1989 80
Melodic Hard&Heavy. That's a wholly different proposition! At last it's true German Melodic Hard&Heavy without pop sound and suspicious trends.

Power Symphony 'Lightbringer' 2000 80
Melodic Power. Either it's very interesting, creatively different Melodic Power or Gothic/Folk which is absolutely similar to Melodic Power. Anyway, it's really very exclusive music for Power.

Wyvern 'Back to the Ancient Rage' 2002 70
Heavy. I'd like to change the title: Back to the Ancient Fate because the sound is very similar to very early Mercyful Fate. It really was very nice to hear such sound you've never found anything else but old Mercyful Fate.

Red Wine 'Cenizas' 2004 60
http://www.speed-n-power.com/band/Red Wine/
Melodic Speed&Power. It's still the same Melodic Speed&Power without anything new in the music. It's just very good music in the general traditions and with few Progressive touches.

Screamer 'Target: Earth' 1988 70
Heavy. This interesting band plays a music in the traditions of US Heavy of 80s. This album's music can be compared for example with Crimson Glory, Queensryche, Fates Warning of that time, with the vocals which reminds me of King Diamond's screams.


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