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My new albums of this week:

5nine5 'Hardroll'
Iron Fire 'To the Grave'
A Tortured Soul 'Kiss of the Thorn'
Fahrenheit 'Chain Reaction'
Stratovarius 'Polaris'
Necropsya 'Slaves of the Magic'
Windfall 'Time of the Haunted'
Ashes to Ashes 'Darker Side'
Rough Silk 'A New Beginning'
Human Clay 'U4ia'
Vengeance 'Soul Collector'
Powerful 'Welcome to the Slaughterhouse'
Patan 'Acero'
Sacred Oath ''
Quiet Riot 'Down to the Bone'
Accept 'Death Row'
Lacrimosa 'Sehnsucht'

New small reviews:

Enemynside 'In the Middle of Nowhere' 2008 70
Thrash. It's not bad Thrash especially if the music doesn't irritate
by its obtrusive similarity with the other bands. This work sounds
with some Metallica/Rage elements, but not like these bands.

Imagika 'My Bloodied Wings' 2006 70
Power/Thrash. When you know the band Iced Earth which is one of the
most popular Power/Thrash modern bands from US it's hard to estimate
the band with the same sound. But Imagika has a big difference - this
band doesn't sound bored-similar almost on every album.

Insaintfication 'Diseased' 2007 60
Thrash/Death. It would be classic Thrash in European style or in early
Sepultura style but the vocals. They are close to Death though the
music has almost nothing from Death.

Dead Head 'Kill Division' 1999 70
Thrash. If this band hasn't more modern (more powerful) sound, it
would be pure Kreator. The music, the vocals, the riffs, etc.
everything reminds me of Kreator on this release.

Mike G. 'The Black Gibson Soundtrack' 2004 50
instrumental Melodic Hard&Heavy. If we add more strings, dramatical
echoes for the guitars we can get some instrumental Gothic. But we
have just instrumental work with the differently sounded guitars from
pop Rock to powerful Heavy.

Deathrow 'Raging Steel' 1987 70
Speed/Thrash. I can't say more that it's really very interesting
Speed/Thrash of 80s with Speed Metal-oriented vocals and many early
Thrash elements. But the band didn't forget to compose some nice tunes

Debase 'Unleashed' 2004 50
Doom/Stoner. It's a piece of Swedish slooow-plaaayed Metal it doesn't
matter Doom or Power they representative. So it can be called new
Candlemass with some modern touches.

Hair of the Dog 'Rise' 2000 60
Glam Hard Rock. It's absolutely clearly defined US Hard Rock where
Kiss meets AC/DC, ZZ Top and some other bands else. The music is easy
to listening, so it's a good pastime to turn this music on sometimes.

Apostles '' 1992 40
Rock. Were Apostles another Christian Rock band? I don't know, I found
nothing in internet about this band. But it's not important because
the music is very average at least for me.

Kings of the Sun 'Full Frontal Attack' 1990 50
Blues Hard Rock. This act actually is a mixture of AC/DC, Aerosmith
and some other very old Rock bands. The music is like taken from
faraway 70s, with some similar elements and Bluesy sound.

Scenes 'Call Us at the Number You Provide' 2005 80
Melodic Prog/Power. This album is in Italian melodious Progressive
traditions though the band is from Germany. So high-quality
Progressive meets German Melodic Metal, it sounds very interesting.

Two-Bit Thief 'Another Sad Story... in the Big City' 1990 60
Hard&Heavy. It's good but typical US Hard&Heavy of 80s wave. The music
isn't so trendy like many bands for the same time and genre, there are
some very nice songs.

Last Warning 'From the Floor of the Well' 1994 80
Heavy/Prog. Amazingly, a word 'warning' works! No, I don't mean It's a
warning to listen to this band, Fates Warning is a key. The music of
this Warning is melodious Heavy/Prog with the excellent vocals, it
could be compared with early Fates Warning.

Psychotron 'Pray for Salvation' 2005 50
Power/Thrash. Nothing can say about special features of this band,
it's battering, so that it would be fast and loud. Unfortunately, I
didn't find any bright moments in the music, it would be good to have
something special in this musical rush.

Hyksos '' 1982 60
Heavy. It's very early Heavy of 80s, it's already not AC/DC or
Rainbow, but it's still not say Accept. Because they have Judas Priest
cover there, it could be compared with Judas Priest of the same time.

Kirk 'The Final Dance' 2003 70
Melodic Heavy. It's classic mid-tempo melodious Heavy with some
Hard&Heavy elements. The band has many very nice songs, very good
guitar solos and refrains, in the traditions of German Melodic Metal.

Angelus Apatrida 'Evil Unleashed' 2006 70
Speed/Power/Thrash. This not bad music is more closed to US Metal
bands than to someone else. It's more melodic, more Speed&Power than
say early Metallica or some pieces of Megadeth, with many very good
guitar works.

Scary Hairy 'Intent to Deliver' 1992 60
Hard&Heavy. Something Funk-like came with this music. It's commercial
US Hard&Heavy with Blues and Funk elements. They have some nice fast
parts but in other respects it's a mid-tempo music.

Blackeyed Susan 'Electric Rattlebone' 1991 50
Hard&Heavy. It's absolutely common and average US Hard&Heavy with
sound of 80s, you already heard such music many times. Was there
anything interesting? I don't know, because it's too hard to judge
about the music played many times by many different bands.

Berserker 'Blood of the Warriors' 2007 70
Speed&Power. After 20 years of demos what do we hear from this band?
Early Running Wild. The music is really not bad, many Running Wild
elements just make the sound more interesting and memorable.

Bloodlust 'Guilty As Sin', 'Terminal Velocity' 1985/1988 70
Heavy/Power. It's reissued band's albums on one source - CD. The music
is already not Heavy, it's early Power, sometimes with Speed touches.
It seems to me these albums sound in German Heavy/Power traditions
though the band was from US.

Falconer 'Among Beggars And Thieves' 2008 90
Melodic Speed&Power/Folk. Along with their excellent melodiousness,
fast sound and very nice Folk elements, this album is just wonderful.
It's very interesting to hear Swedish words in the lyrics also.

Aura 'A Different View from the Same Side' 2008 70
Melodic Prog. Firstly it seems usual Progressive based on melodious
Heavy but then you understand that the music is definitely not bad and
interesting. Anyway this album can't disappoint you I hope.

Uli Jon Roth 'Under a Dark Sky' 2008 80
Melodic Hard Rock. Our old man didn't jump into the music over 90, his
music is still fresh and impressive. It could be compared with
Blackmore's Night Folk atmosphere, with symphonic orchestra's
instruments and guitar sound.


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