Subject: Weekly albums news

My new albums of this week:

Saxon '', 'Strong Arm of the Law', 'Wheels of Steel'
Iron Maiden 'Seventh Son of a Seventh Son'
Forgotten Suns 'Innergy'
Ibridoma 'Page 26'
Lunatica 'New Shores'
Wizard 'Thor'

New small reviews:

Jorn 'Lonely Are the Brave' 2008 60
Hard&Heavy. It seems Lande already conveyorizes the releases of his
solo albums. This one is good enough with not bad songs but it's
difficult to tell many songs from the others of the different Lande's albums.

Zimmers Hole 'When You Were Shouting at the Devil... We Were in League
with Satan' 2008 80
Death/Thrash/Speed. I think this band is one of few heroi-comic bands which  comically parody many fully sides of Metal bands' cliches.
This band plays music from Speed to Death, Speed parts reminds me of
Exciter a bit.

Mennen 'Planet Black' 2008 40
Alternative Modern Hard Rock. What does this band do on Rock/Metal
scene? I don't know, the music is absolutely child's play, bald Modern
Hard Rock which I tried to stop from the first songs.

Skyrion 'Beyond Creation' 2008 60
Prog/Power/Heavy. It's Brazilian Prog-Power-something-else Metal with the female vocals. This music can be between many female singers bands
like Nightwish or even Doro and some Folk-Gothic acts.

Warrel Dane 'Praises to the War Machine' 2008 70
Prog/Power/Stoner. No, Nevermore's singer wasn't able to create
absolutely different from Nevermore music. But actually it's not
Nevermore, the sound is more modern, I mean it's not just
Power/Progressive with the solid guitar sound, it's something with slow,
Stoner elements, some special sound but at the same time with many
very nice songs.

Gamma Ray 'Hell Yeah!!! The Awesome Foursome – Live In Montreal' 2008 80
Melodic Speed&Power. It's long live album, 2 CD (or even 3 DVD). The
main feature of this live recording is almost all songs differ from
their original albums' versions.

Andromeda 'II=I' 2003 60
Prog. Does it mean two Andromaeda's albums = one Dream Theater album?
Nevermind. It's not very bright but not very bored Progressive, this work is
for very-very true Progressive Metal fans.

Hellhammer 'Demon Entrails' 2008 60
Thrash/Black. It's a compilation of some Hellhammer's demos, part of
the songs appeared on Apocalyptic Raids. It's very beginning of 80s
but how gloomy and heavy sound is on this album!

Crown of Glory 'Breath of Life' 2008 80
Melodic Power/Heavy. No, it's not new wave of melodious Power, bit it
would be. The music is interesting Power/Heavy in the traditions of German
Melodic Metal bands, with many memorable songs and good keys/guitar works.

Alchemist 'Tripsis' 2007 70
Death/Prog. Does it seem this album more avant-garde than everything
I've ever heard from this band? Sometimes I hear very heavy Pink Floyd
in this music, oddly enough.

Dokken 'Lightning Strikes Again' 2008 60
Hard&Heavy. No, I didn't fall asleep during listening to last Dokken
album as was formerly the case. The music is more or less bouncy
Hard&Heavy with some not very fed up songs.


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