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My new albums of this week:

Solitude Aeturnus 'Beyond the Crimson Horizon'
Xentrix 'Shattered Existence', 'For Whose Advantage', 'Kin'
Sadus 'Chemical Exposure', 'Swallowed in Black', 'A Vision of Misery'
Bulldozer 'The Final Separation', 'The Day of Wrath', 'Alive... in Poland'
5 Stihiy 'Feniks'
P.oS.T. 'Bol''
Axxis 'Doom of Destiny'
Helstar 'Sins of the Past'
Magica 'Hereafter'
Rob Rock 'Garden of Chaos'
Headhunter 'Rebirth'
Elvenking 'The Scythe'
Eden's Curse 'Eden's Curse'
Evidence One 'The Sky Is the Limit'
Lion's Share 'Emotional Coma'
Doro 'All We Are - The Fight'
Epidemiya 'Elfiyskaya Rukopis': Skazanie na Vse Vremena'
At Vance 'VII'
Shakra 'Infected'
Cruise 'Kruiz', 'Culture Shock ALS'
Gaina 'Snova Tvoy'
Hellraiser 'We'll Bury You!', 'No Brain No Pain'
Space 'Tears of the Sun'
Dark at Dawn 'Dark at Dawn'
Kruger 'My - Rok!'
Eternal Reign 'Forbidden Path'
Yargos 'To Be Or Not to Be'
Tankard 'Best Case Scenario: 25 Years in Beers'
Rage 'Carved in Stone'
U.D.O. 'Metallized'
Mishin, Oleg 'Angel'
Ross the Boss 'New Metal Leader'
Mechanical Poet 'Eidoline: the Arrakeen Code', 'Who Did It to Michelle Waters?', 'Ghouls'
V/A 'MASTERSLAND.COM Ukradeno iz Studii'
Natisk 'Tyazhyolaya Noch''
Mekong Delta 'Lurking Fear'
Мafiya 'Tayny'
Epitafiya 'Zalozhniki Sistemy'
The Arrow 'Lady Nite'
Seagall 'Illusions'
Abordazh 'Adskiy Shtorm'
Dom Vetrov 'Ot Zemli'
Reanimatsiya 'Harakternik'
Sadist 'Sadist'
Kingdom Come 'Live & Unplugged'
Materia Prima 'Vechnost' I Pokoy'
Teatr Teney 'Capoeira', 'Teatr Teney'
Circle II Circle 'Delusions of Grandeur'
Headhunter 'Parasite of Society'
Septic Flesh 'Communion'
Stalwart 'Abyss Ahead'
Gran-Kurazh 'Novoy Nadezhdy Net'
X-World/5 'New Universal Order'
Dezperadoz 'An Eye for an Eye'
V/A 'HEART BREAKERS - A Collection of Hard Rock & Metal Ballads'
Faktor Straha 'Tvoy Ideal'nyy Mir'
Aghota 'Formless'
O.D. 'Mir bez Sveta'

New small reviews:

Niobeth 'The Shining Harmony of Universe' 2008 70
Melodic Heavy/Gothic. It's a mixture of Gothic Metal traditions,
Nightwish-like bands and some Progressive touches. The music is
various enough within these genres.

Exciter 'Thrash Speed Burn' 2007 70
Speed/Thrash. Did you forget again how Speed/Thrash sounded in 80s?
You have a chance to refresh your remembrance, because this release
is actually in those traditions.

Viron 'Ferrum Gravis' 2008 70
Melodic Speed&Power. It's German Melodic Speed/Power with the emphasis
of the good tunes. Sometimes it reminds me of Blind Guardian but just
in few special elements.

DIVA 'Angel Sveta' 2008 50
Melodic Heavy. Such music can't be outstanding because it's a
duplication the same you've already heard many times. It's melodious
Heavy in Doro spirit and with very foreseeable songs.

Stormwitch 'Shogun' 1994 90
Melodic Heavy. German Melodic Heavy aren't going to give up,
Stormwitch's too. It's very various album with many interesting songs
and memorable tunes.

The Vision Bleak 'The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey' 2007 50
Gothic/Doom. Indeed it's heavier than Gothic and more atmospheric than
Doom. I can't say the music is dark and gloomy, but they have some
suppositions for it.

Divinity 'Allegory' 2007 50
Death/Thrash. It's another modern In Flames variant but with more
Thrash-oriented solo guitars. This band doesn't suggest us anything
new on this album.

MCM '1900 - Hard Times' 2007 50
instrumental experimental Prog Rock. This is live album of Alex Masi,
Randy Coven and John Macaluso band. It's overkill again of the
experiments in Progressive for me.

Steve Grimmett 'Personal Crisis' 2007 50
Hard&Heavy. It seems modern Hard&Heavy from 80s, I mean a modern sound
with Progressive and AOR elements of the songs from the past. Indeed
it's sometimes bored enough.

Shiranui 'Crime & Cross' 2007 80
Melodic Heavy. The guys went and did it! This music is in the
outstanding traditions of Japanese Melodic Heavy, e.g. in X-Japan
excellent traditions.

PowerWorld '' 2008 60
Melodic Power. Some known musicians prepared a mixture of Edguy and
German pop music of 80s like Sandra (in Metal performance). It's a
good album but there is nothing new in the music.

Stone Lake 'World Entry' 2007 50
Hard&Heavy/Prog. It's AORish Hard&Heavy with Progressive elements and
without own originality. Let the label is AOR (Metal) Heaven but not

Wisdom 'Words of Wisdom' 2006 80
Melodic Speed&Power. Some day Hungarian bands will be the best Melodic
Metal bands in the world! This Wisdom follows all the best Hungarian
Melodic Metal traditions with some touches of Italian Speed&Power.

Cain's Dinasty 'Legacy of Blood' 2008 70
Melodic Speed&Power. It's an usual example of the band absolutely in
Italian Speed&Power style (though they're Spanish), nothing else but
Italian Speed&Power only. As things go there are many nice songs and
the memorable tunes on the album.

Hirax 'Not Dead Yet' ('Raging Violence'+ 'Hate, Fear And Power') 2005 80
Thrash/Speed. Shorter, faster, more aggressive! These first early
albums on one CD return you in 80s toward to your remembrance of that


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