Subject: Weekly albums news

My new albums of this week:

Sunrise 'Liberty'
Ares ''
Troya 'Mir v Ogne'
Arktida 'Na Gorizonte'
Ekzistencia 'Povelitel' Grozy'

New small reviews:

Decoy 'Call of the Wild' 2008 50
AOR/Melodic Hard&Heavy. It's AOR again, AOR is everywhere, plague on
AOR... There are no emotions there, I'm getting bored listening to
such equal in all things music.

Agatta 'demo' 2004 60
Power/Prog. I can say nothing special about this demo but it's good
though not original music. The sound is so powerful to be more Power
than Progressive Metal.

Artisan 'demo' 2003 50
Power/Prog. It would be not bad music without the vocals,
unfortunately their singer plays his part often, sometimes his voice
sounds like voiceless Hetfield. In other respects it's powerful enough
Progressive with few different Death elements.

Infinite Horizon 'The Prophecy' 1999 70
Heavy/Power. This music isn't fast to be Power or Thrash, but it's not
Heavy also. They have many keys (not good idea in this music!) and
have good attempts to play traditional German Melodic Heavy/Power.

Mahatma 'Perseverance' 2007 60
Thrash/Death. If you want to know how Sepultura sounds in Korea, this
band is for you. At least I hear Sepultura in this music but the
guitar works are more straightforward and standard, closer to In

Inme 'Daydream Anonymous' 2007 40
Alternative/Hard Rock. The bigger part of the album, more accurately a
basis of this album is Alternative music or something else, I don't
dig pop music. There are some Progressive touches and some good guitar
works on this album but in other respects it's an absolutely
unexciting music for me.

Ossian 'Orok Tuz' 2007 60
Melodic Heavy. It seems me again I already heard some of the songs
from this album probably because the band plays this unhurried Melodic
Heavy during the last years. It's again mid-tempo melodious Heavy with
many nice tunes and memorable refrains.

Dol Ammad 'Ocean Dynamics' 2006 40
electronic. Yes, it's no doubt this band was inspired by Therion. But
this album is too electronic, I don't know what is this 'music' but
the dirty words. Actually, this work can't be recommended true Metal
fans for listening to. Also unfortunately, that DC Cooper and Alex
Holzwarth (the guest musicians) weren't able to save this album...

Brainstorm 'Hungry' 1997 50
Power. This debut is not very melodious Power, something's in Iced
Earth style, sometimes it's even close to Thrash. This edition is very
long because of many bonuses, so it's not a good idea to listen to this
band from this album version because you can just to tire to listen to
the monotonous music.


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