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New small reviews:

Almah 'Almah' 2007 60
Melodic Power/Heavy. What's there? Another late Angra's version? Yes, it's just Angra copy under another name with the different touches of the melodic elements of the different bands and definitive similarity with Kiske/Matos voice.

Kallisto '' 2007 60
Melodic Power/Heavy. This album isn't bad, isn't good, it's just average melodious Power/Heavy with the foreseeable music. On the other hand the musicians' work is pretty decent.

Halford 'Metal God Essentials vol.1' 2006 70
Heavy/Power. It's a compilation of solo Halford and Fight times. This release doesn't consist of anything rare but there is bonus DVD with the different video stuff.

Vol'naya Staya 'Staya' 2007 70
Melodic Heavy. You can find Rainbow with female (Doro-like) vocals not every day. Vol'naya Staya follows the way of Rainbow music with the special vocals.

Teatr Teney 'Tvoya Ten'' 2007 80
Melodic Power/Prog. This single suggests us how else it's possible to play such music. These tracks are very melodic and interesting, though it's just few tracks...

Raven 'Architect of Fear' 1991 70
Heavy/NWoBHM. Not bored and not draggy UK music is here! This album is such powerful that there are many Thrash elements there. Was it the best Raven album of 90s for me?

Solitaire 'Invasion Metropolis' 2006 70
Speed/Thrash. Is it still the same music came from the last albums? Yes it is, but they don't need to change anything because such music must live without modern changes.

Blind Guardian 'Live at Wacken Open Air'2007' 2008 70
Melodic Speed&Power. This live video doesn't consist of anything rare or special. It's just the video hits performed alive at Wacken.

Dionysus 'Fairytales And Reality' 2006 50
Melodic Power. How it began! The first track was the only interesting track but I decided from the beginning at last they would have original and interesting album! No, the next tracks were again Helloween/Stratovarius/etc. fade copies...


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