Subject: Weekly albums news

My new albums of this week:

Viper 'All My Life'
Saratan 'The Cult of Vermin'
Dream Steel 'You'
Max Overheat 'Wicked Songs'

New small reviews:

Aquaria 'Shambala' 2007 70
Melodic Power. This is Angra of Matos time. It's really very close copy for Angra's Angels Cry as the vocals as the keys so the music itself. It's a very good chance to listen to that music again.

Rude Awakening 'A Tribute to Thin Lizzy' 2007 60
Heavy. It's very close to the original performance, it's a tribute of the one band to another one, so it's the same songs in modern performance of high-skilled musicians. 

Razorback 'Deadringer' 2007 60
Melodic Heavy. I can't say more words than I said about their Animal Anger years ago. It's still the same - Melodic Metal with good musicians' works but without any originality.

Powerwolf 'Lupus Dei' 2007 80
Melodic Heavy/Power. I surmise where the band draws inspiration, but I say no words about it. This album again gives an excellent music with  the memorable songs, which sink deep into the mind at once.

Great White 'Back to the Rhythm' 2007 70
Glam Blues Hard Rock. It's very good band's come back, they returned with the music of 80s, something bluesy, something from early AC/DC (by the music). And of course there are many catching tunes on the album!

Circus Maximus 'Isolate' 2007 70
Melodic Prog. At last the band's ready to play Melodic Progressive - it's better for me than simple Prog or experimental Prog. The music is good enough for a band without the famous past.

Domine 'Ancient Spirit Rising' 2007 70
Melodic Speed&Power. It seems to me there are more slow, balladish, mid-tempo songs on this album than I remember it was formerly. It's still Domine with their excellent songs and memorable tunes.

Vanishing Point 'The Fourth Season' 2007 70
Melodic Heavy/Power. It's very good that the band didn't change anything in the music and still play Melodic Heavy with Power and Progressive elements. Keep it up!


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