Subject: Weekly albums news

My new albums of this week:

Invocator 'Excursion Demise'
Demon Eyes 'Rites of Chaos'
Sacred Reich 'Surf Nicaragua'

New small reviews:

Jacobs Dream 'Dominion of Darkness' 2008 70
Power/Heavy. This not fast but powerful enough album is in the traditions of epical US Heavy/Power Metal of 80s. The vocals are very expressive on this album, the music, solos and just some different parts sound very interesting.

Eidolon 'The Parallel Otherworld' 2006 60
Prog/Power. Their Progressive enthusiasm on this album isn't so good idea here. The music lost individuality, I hear another Prog/Power band instead of very interesting old Eidolon.

Sacred Steel 'Hammer of Destruction' 2006 60
Speed&Power. I don't listen attentively to the vocals, this album is not bad aggressive Speed&Power in the basal traditions of the genre. There is nothing new there but there aren't anything disagreeable there also.

Mehida 'Blood&Water' 2007 60
Melodic Heavy/Prog/Power. Something from there, parts from there, pieces from somewhere else, Mehida is the band with the different influences and without own sound. It's melodious Progressive with Power elements, without anything memorable for me.

Wingdom 'Reality' 2005 60
Melodic Prog. Who do they want to impress? It's a standard enough music in the traditions of the modern Melodic Progressive bands, with good vocals and musicians' skills but without any originality.

Ride the Sky 'New Protection' 2007 60
Melodic Heavy. Don't run after the name, it's not Helloween but Kusch  participation, though some Helloween moments came up in the music. It's melodious Heavy with Progressive elements, there is nothing very special there.

Annihilator 'Metal' 2007 70
Thrash/Heavy. Annihilator hammers the same anvil, everything the best from Annihilator possibilities including some new interesting features holds on this album. It's the same Annihilator of the last times and albums.


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