Subject: Weekly albums news

My new albums of this week:

Jacobs Dream 'Dominion of Darkness'
Hades 'Resisting Success', 'If at First You Don't Succeed'
Harrow 'The Pylon of Insanity'
Sanctuary 'Refuge Denied'
Toranaga 'God's Gift'
Excel 'The Joke's on You'
Realm 'Suiciety', 'Endless War'
Hirax 'Not Dead Yet' ('Raging Violence'+ 'Hate, Fear And Power')
Piledriver 'Metal Inquisition', 'Stay Ugly'
V/A 'Stahlmaster vol.2'

New small reviews:

V/A 'Misanthropica Enterprises - Teaser volume I' 2007 60
Death/Black. It's a collection of the absolutely unknown bands, which released or planed to release an album on Misanthropica label. Some of the tracks really aren't bad.

Bloodbound 'Book of the Dead' 2007 50
Melodic Power. The band definitely became to play faster music, now it's Power without doubt. But the music didn't become more various,  band's songs are still based on other bands ideas like solo Udo, Gamma Ray, Iron Savior, etc.

Celesty 'Mortal Mind Creation' 2006 50
Melodic Power. I'm tired to yawn during the reviewing this band again. It's an ordinary music in Stratovarius and others style and unfortunately almost nothing's became better since the last album.

Betoken 'Dead Soul Insomnia' 2006 70
Power Progressive Heavy. The band doesn't want to change anything from the previous album, but nothing's to change! It's a tragical music in the traditions of Italian Progressive and different European Power Metal bands.

Sigma '' 2000 60
Melodic Speed&Power. Sigma is a typical agent of Italian Melodic Speed&Power. It's an accustomed music for such bands, you don't find anything striking there.

Chinchilla 'The Last Millennium' 2002 60
Melodic Heavy/Power. It's an average modern German Melodic Heavy/Power. There is nothing catching for me on this release, it's just another German Power for my collection.

Nightwish 'Dark Passion Play' 2007 60
Melodic Heavy. When global scale vocalist quitted the band it's no chance to find another excellent global scale vocalist instead of old one. Now Nightwish is a band with a female singer like on other similar bands - Edenbridge, Within Temptation, etc. The music is a mixture of Heavy, Power, Folk with many choirs and strings parts.


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