Subject: Weekly albums news

My new albums of this week:

PowerWorld ''
MCM '1900 - Hard Times'
Stone Lake 'World Entry'
Exciter 'Thrash Speed Burn'
Ken Hensley 'With Live Fire in Concert / Norway'
DIVA 'Angel Sveta'
The Vision Bleak 'The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey'
Steve Grimmett 'Personal Crisis'
Divinity 'Allegory'
Viron 'Ferrum Gravis'
House of Lords 'Come to My Kingdom'
V/A 'Misanthropica Enterprises - Teaser volume I'
Rising Kingdom 'Curse of Mind'

New small reviews:

Planet Alliance '' 2006 60
Heavy/Progressive/Power. Thankfully it's not another Metal fkn opera! It's just a collection of different Swedish Metal scene stars congregating on this project. But no good came of it - the music's average enough.

Paradise Lost 'In Requiem' 2007 60
Doom/Gothic. Paradise Lost is presented here in its classic style of the early albums. But some modern things nevertheless appear on this album also.

Sepsis '' 2005 70
Melodic Heavy. There are 3 tracks, 3 tracks only there! But these tracks hold so different and interesting music, so I don't know why hasn't this band had any other recordings yet?! This demo carries a value more than many full-length albums of many similar bands!

Soulless 'Agony's Lament' 2002 60
Death/Thrash. This album is between early Kreator and classic In Flames. The music doesn't touch anything from other styles or bands' ideas, everything's foreseeable enough.

Saidian 'Phoenix' 2006 60
Melodic Speed&Power/Heavy. Band's music is still something from Royal Hunt including Edguy and Nightwish touches. It's a typical music and sound for many modern Melodic Power bands from Germany.

Cyclone Temple 'My Friend Lonely' 1994 50
Thrash/Stoner. What's there? Metallica and Megadeth on slow Thrash wave and something from modern for the beginning of 90s Stoner or even Grunge. But Thrash dominates.

Vicious Rumors 'Cyberchrist' 1998 50
Heavy/Stoner. Probably, it's the deeply heaviest Vicious Rumors album I've ever heard, close to Stoner of to something similar. There are some very good catching guitar solos but it's not enough to be a perfect musical material for me.

Tyrant 'Under the Dark Mystic Sky' 1997 70
Melodic Black. Japanese Tyrant brought us Japanese Melodic Black. This music is in the traditions of Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, etc. but with some special features which are inherent Japanese music only.


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