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My new albums of this week:

The Last Things 'Circles And Butterflies'
Vengeance 'Same/Same... But Different'

New small reviews:

Risk 'The Reborn' 1992 60
Heavy. If you make Speed/Thrash band play mid-tempo music your result would be this album. I hear a vocal for Thrash/Speed Metal only, the guitar works which can adorn every old band but everything is on Heavy wave, even with Doom touches.

Risk 'Turpitude' 1993 70
Heavy/Doom. The last existing Risk album doesn't support almost all early band's traditions, it's close to previous The Reborn album, but probably it is more slow and Doomish. This release is in the traditions of e.g. Paradise Lost.

Threshold 'Dead Reckoning' 2007 100
Melodic Prog/Heavy. Two or three songs from this album are enough to say that we have a masterpiece! Though the music approaches more and more to UK Art Rock, the music becomes better and better.

Dial 'Synchronized' 2007 80
Melodic Prog Rock. Dial, Synchronized... What can hide behind these simple saying nothing words? Let me introduce Mr. Kristoffer Gildenlow! together with main members Liselotte Hegt and Rommert van der Meer and their humble assistant Mr. Devon Graves! So if you like Pain of Salvation of the best period of their life with some Gothic, slow and melancholic ideas, Dial is the best choice for it!

Valley's Eve 'The Atmosphere of Silence' 1999 90
Melodic Prog/Power/Heavy. These songs just pour on you, I haven't heard such excellent Melodic Prog long ago! It's enough to listen to just the vocals and the guitar solos there!

Vitalij Kuprij 'Revenge' 2005 90
Melodic Prog. Whether Artension or Kuprij's solo work everything brings the best emotions during the listening to it. But this release besides excellent keys consists of the excellent vocals!

Insania 'One More... One Less' 1995 70
Power/Heavy. It's the band from the underground with not the same sound like on major-labels' bands. This music is without limitation from the uncles from label's management, though there is a small limitation in vocals' part which sometimes sound out of tune.

Vitalij Kuprij 'Glacial Inferno' 2007 70
instrumental Prog. This album wasn't able to cross the borders of ordinary solo albums, where is nothing but technique. So this is for true fans of the instrumental albums, Prog and Kuprij himself only.


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