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Holocaust 'Primal' 2003 50
experimental. No Heavy/HWoBHM here, relinquish a hope to find it here. Now it's an experimental, maybe avant-garde music, slow but powerful, neither Doom but nor Thrash.

Impaler 'If We Had Brains...' 1986 70
Heavy/Punk/Speed. It's Rock'n'Rollish 70s bursting into Speedy 80s. Probably Venom (the band) is one of the closest bands of the same style, though it seems to me Impaler's more various with their Punk sound.

Ripper '...And the Dead Shall Rise' 1986 50
Heavy. It's slow tempo monotonous Heavy with few epic US Heavy of 80's elements (the keys) and with some Mercyful Fate influences (the vocals). Their music isn't so bright to be famous, though the screams and some powerful songs' parts can quicken interest in it.

Impaler 'Old School Ghouls' 2002 50
Punk. It's for the most part slow complete Punk Metal with Alice Cooper influences. The music still keeps the spirit of 70s, so the band doesn't sound as modern Punk.

Thornclad 'Coronation of the Wicked' 1999 70
Thrash. This music can be described as a mixture of Iced Earth (main component) and different Thrash bands like Kreator or Annihilator. This album has many good melodious parts so the band doesn't limit just to play Thrash.

Hallows Eve 'Death & Insanity' 1986 70
Speed/Heavy/Thrash. As an example for early Speed with Thrash elements, Hallows Eve's album Death & Insanity pertains without doubt. It's already not Heavy, but it sounds sometimes more aggressive than Speed.

Intruder 'A Higher Form of Killing' 1989 60
Thrash/Speed. This is US Speed/Thrash act of 80s. Is there anything new or original? I don't think so, but it's really qualitative work in this style.

Torment 'Not Dead Yet' 1998 70
Thrash. German Thrash must live forever! Torment presents us that outstanding fast music in classic German Thrash style which likes me very much. Some songs on this album are on German language.


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