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In this newsletter, I thought we would take a look at ingredients in Mazuri Exotic Feline - Small. The first five ingredients are Chicken, Salmon, chicken meal, whole grain brown rice, chicken fat.

Mazuri Exotic Feline - Small: Poultry meal, poultry by-product meal, ground brown rice, corn gluten meal, dried beet pulp,

Poultry meal is the dry rendered product from a combination of clean flesh and skin with or without accompanying bone, derived from the parts of whole carcasses or a combination thereof -- exclusive of feathers, heads, feet, and entrails. Poultry is an unpredictable ingredient, which can include any type of fowl, including buzzards, geese, and other birds, with constantly changing proportions, and questionable nutritional value.

Poultry byproduct meal consists of the ground, rendered, clean parts of the carcasses of slaughtered poultry, such as necks, feet, undeveloped eggs, and intestines -- exclusive of feathers except in such amounts as might occur unavoidably in good processing practices. This is a low-quality, inconsistent ingredient, with multiple organs used, constantly changing proportions, and questionable nutritional value. The origin can be any fowl (turkeys, ducks, geese, buzzards, etc.), instead of a single source, like chicken. Poultry by-product meal is much less expensive and less digestible than chicken meal.

Ground brown rice is the entire product obtained in grinding the rice kernels after the hulls have been removed. Ground brown rice is a high quality source of carbohydrates, B vitamins and natural fiber. Ground brown rice is slightly less digestible than ground (white) rice.

Corn gluten meal is the dried residue from corn after the removal of the larger part of the starch and germ, and the separation of the bran by the process employed in the wet milling manufacture of corn starch or syrup, or by enzymatic treatment of the endosperm.

Dried beet pulp is the dried residue from sugar beets which has been cleaned, freed from crowns, leaves, and sand, and extracted in the process of manufacturing sugar. Dried beet pulp is added to some pet foods to act as a fibrous stool hardener.

I'm not sure I'd be comfortable feeding this to a cat. It uses unnamed poulty sources and by-products which is the hallmark of low quality pet foods.

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