Subject: The Harness & Leash


Welcome to this edition of the Bengal & Siamese Newsletter. 

A lot of people think it is unfair to keep a cat strictly indoors but we
all know how dangerous outdoors can be to a cat. Unsupervised trips
outside can expose a cat to poisons, cars, predators, and possible 
abuse from humans. 

So how do you let a cat experience the outdoors safely? If you do not
have an outdoor enclosure, the next best thing is harness & leash

The first precaution is to always use a harness rather than a collar.
Cats can slip out of collars easily. To get a cat used to a harness, leave
it out as a toy for a few days so the cat gets used to seeing and playing
with it. If you think your cat is comfortable with the harness, try putting
it on the cat and let her run around inside with it. Once the cat is 
comfortable with the harness, let her drag the lead around behind it
while in the house.

Now comes the exciting part, your first trip outside. Always make sure
to carry the cat in and out of the house. Never let them walk out on
their own. 

Many cats are a bit timid on their first trips outside but it doesn't take
long for their natural curiosity to overcome their fear. 

To discuss your experiences with "walking a cat", please visit:
http://disc.server.com/Indices/3659.html (Siamese) and
http://disc.server.com/Indices/181643.html (Bengals)


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