Subject: Springtime and cat care


Spring always encourages people to start new projects and I'd like to tie that in to cat & kitten care in this newsletter.

Now that winter is over or nearly over in many areas, it's time to call the vet for flea & tick prevention. Your vet can advise on which product will work best for your area whether it is Frontline or Advantage. Products like Hartz are ineffective and could make your cat very ill. The same is true for flea collars. They do nothing and can cause extreme allergic reactions in some animals.

Another hallmark of spring is kitten season from unaltered or unwanted cats. Every cat owner should make sure all cats/kittens in their care are spay/neutered to prevent accidental pregnancy. If your cats are already altered, shelters could definitely use your help as a foster parent for queens & their kittens. If fostering isn't a possibility, call your local shelter and see what donations they desperately need.

Spring is also the time of year that cats leave gifts of hairballs. To reduce the number of hairballs, daily grooming of even short hair cats is a must. For cats that don't like to be brushed, an old nylon with a run it can be recycled as a "cat brush". It will catch the hair as you stroke the cat. Adding a little olive or salmon oil to their food can help them pass the hairball rather than cough it back up.

My last spring tip is to check all your screens and make sure they are secure in their frames before opening windows to let fresh air in.

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I would also like to take this opportunity to let everyone know that we have a new forum devoted to General Cat Care.

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