Subject: How to cope with an allergy to cats


Many of us are allergic to cats or have family members who are allergic. Some of us are unlucky enough that we also have asthma but we still want to live with our cats or visit people with cats.

Many people automatically assume they are having a cat allergy when the allergic reaction is being caused by something else. It's very important to visit an allergist and have a scratch test done to determine exactly what your specific allergens are.

If someone tests positive for cat allergies, there are things that can be done which will help alleviate the symptoms without getting rid of the cat. Here are a few things that can help:

  • feed a high quality food to minimize dander and shedding
  • wipe the cat down with a damp cloth every few days
  • optimally remove carpeting from the home. If this is not an option then frequent vacuuming with a HEPA vac will help.
  • invest in an air filter
  • restrict cats from sleeping areas
  • take allergy medications as directed by your allergist
  • try desensitization therapy

    I hope these tips help you or someone you know who suffers from cat allergies.

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