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Today, I thought we'd profile Merrick Canned Cat Food. Merrick is a newer food with many interesting flavor choices. The flavors have catchy names like "Grammy's Pot Pie", "California Roll", "Cowboy Cookout", "Turducken" to name just a few.

All of the flavors use good quality ingredients and contain no by-products or unnamed protein sources. All of the foods use broth to make the food moist and flavorful for the cat.

"Grammy's Pot Pie" has chicken, chicken broth and turkey liver. "Cowboy Cookout" has beef, beef broth and beef liver. "California Roll" has salmon, tuna, chicken broth and crab. All of the other flavors have similar quality ingredients as these three.

The Merrick foods would be an excellent addition to any cat's diet. With 9 flavors to choose from, a cat would have a gourmet choice of foods. Merrick is available in most pet food specialty stores. Click here to locate a store near you.

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